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The two worlds of IT and web design are very separate yet overlapping disciplines. 

Realising a need to solve more problems for their customers, Vital iT found a natural solution in the world of website design in the form of a Strategic Partnership with online marketing agency Hart Design. 

Hart Design's core business is designing and building search engine friendly websites, and managing their client's online marketing on an ongoing basis. They had an established Strategic Partnership programme which was designed to bridge the gap between the worlds of web design and IT; designed for companies just like Vital iT.  

Vital iT recognised the opportunity to team up with Hart Design and extend their service delivery, where everyone wins. "For us, it's about being able to provide a solution for our customers. That's all people want out of their IT guys: their problems solved. Website design is simply an extention of this, and we're very happy to have a reliable, professional web design team that we can turn to," says Viggo Burkhardt, Vital iT.

What exactly is a 'Strategic Partner'? 

Hart Design defines a Strategic Partnership as a model built on a foundation of honesty and transparency, with no opportunity for any party to cut another out of the equation. This means all parties can enter the business relationship with complete confidence in service delivery and financial security. It's designed to be WIN-WIN-WIN for Vital iT, their customers, and of course for Hart Design as well. 

If you'd like to discuss your web design problems, call the team at Vital iT.